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01 Original strike plate.jpg
02 Remove old strike.jpg
03 Mark cleat with a template.jpg
04 Marked cleat ready for cutting.jpg
05 Attach a Router guide.jpg
06 Route out entire area.jpg
07 Routed and mortised.jpg
08 Remove guide.jpg
09 Mark incision for the plate.jpg
10 Cut thru door frame with roto-zip or sawzall.jpg
11 Finish edges with chisel.jpg
12 Make sure everything fits.jpg
13 Mark plate for cleat.jpg
14 Mount cleat onto plate.jpg
15 Use the mallet to remount plate.jpg
16 Cut-out is for visual ONLY.jpg
17 Secure the plate with screws provided.jpg
18 Replace the weather-stripping.jpg
19 Caulk the cut areas if needed.jpg
20 Paint or stain as needed.jpg