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works great,

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I bought this to secure a garage door with a broken frame. The product works fantastic now that it it installed. However, installation was more work then advertised. Not only was the sawing and chiseling of the wood off the door frame tedious, but the catch portion of the product was actually larger than the door frame. As this is a standard frame door, I envision others having the same problem. The extra length necessitated re-hanging the door. While I was able to do this, it will not always be an option. CHECK THAT YOUR DOOR-FRAME IS THE CORRECT WIDTH BEFORE INSTALLING.
Yes, I recommend this product.

Overall Rating:5 / 5 5/5
Great item-Why has no one thought of this before?,
By Shopdotti
"I had the deadbolt security anchor installed in my house, actually it is the one that's in the video. After having it installed, I could never get my daughter to lock the deadbolt when she leaves home. She always just locks the doorknob and pulls the door close behind her as she leaves. Therefore, I called Nobreach and asked them what we can do about that. They said that the plate was designed to work with both the doorknob and the deadbolt and that if we installed another one at the doorknob it would secure up the home. It wouldn't be as great as with the deadbolt but still will keep the door from being kicked in. So I had them come out and install it. It only took them about 30 minutes, including painting and matching the wood. I have been happy ever since knowing that I am secured no matter what."
 Overall Rating:5 / 5 5/5
Deadbolt Security Anchor,
By rnbassett
"We had it installed on our house in Texas in less than 30 minutes. We felt more secure knowing our house is more safe. We highly recommend this product."