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Why Are Doors So Easily Kicked-in or Forced Open?

Think about this. How many times have you seen the police on those reality crime shows kick in doors? A lot, right? Well if a man in a police uniform can do it that easily, then why can't a burglar also do it that easily? The fact of the matter is you don't want strangers to be able to easily gain entry into your home. Home door security is a "MUST DO" item on all homes!

It all comes down to one critical design flaw and it's found on virtually every exterior residential door entryway. Most exterior doors, hinges, deadbolts and door locks are strong.
It's the WOODEN DOOR FRAME that is the weakest area. Door frames are most often constructed from softwood trees such as Pine, Spruce and Fir.

The Deadbolt Security Anchor can be used with most common model makes of lockset bolts and deadbolts. It could be used in multi-family homes, businesses, hotels, motels, restaurants and retail stores.

The Deadbolt Security Anchor is an inexpensive way for most people to protect their homes.
  • Installs on your new or existing doorways;Installs on your new or existing doorways;
  • Can be installed in about 30 minutes by most homeowners;
  • And may qualify for homeowner’s insurance discount;
  • Effectively repairs broken door frames. No need to replace the door frame;
  • Purchase and install it today to protect your family and home;
  • Made in the USA by Nobreach LLC.Made in the USA by Nobreach LLC.


Click to enlargeThese soft woods can't withstand the force of a 3/4 inch to 1 inch solid steel deadbolt stem being massively forced against them as happens when a door is kicked in.

Most door hinges and strike plates are only attached to 1/2" thick, soft wood door trim using small, short, weak ½ inch brass screws. As you can see in the illustration above, most doors are not truly even attached to the wall itself (the 2 x 4 studs), but only to the soft wood trim. The air space is there to allow 'squaring' of the door frame so the door will hang level, open, and close properly.

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obreach has created a revolutionary design for a security strike plate that uses the actual structure of the doorway rather than trying to reinforce the ½ inch door frame as other devices do. Using 16 gauge cold rolled steel this industrial strength strike plate uses both 2x4s to anchor the faceplate onto the door frame. Break-ins would require either both 2x4s to break or tear the plate’s 9000 psi rating. With its unique adjustable replacement cleat design the Deadbolt Security Anchor is quick and easy to install and does not require adjustments of the door or door frame. It is visible from the exterior acting as a deterrent.
A valuable additional feature of the Deadbolt Security Anchor is the ability to create safe-rooms inside the residence.  A bathroom or closet can be easily and cheaply be created into a safe-room.  Replacing the existing hollow core door with a solid core or steel door, and replacing the strike plate with a Deadbolt Security Anchor would fortify the entryway making it virtually impenetrable. Being inexpensive, more than one safe-room can be installed. (i.e. master bathroom or closet, hall bathroom or closet.). Use these safe-rooms to protect your Family, Guns, Food storage and anything of value to you.