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Five more daytime burglaries reported: Bandits kick in doors, snatch flat-screen TVs in unoccupied houses…

Burglars kick in doors at two Brandermill homes, steal jewelry… CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Crooks kick their way into two Brandermill homes in broad daylight. The crimes happened Monday on Cove Ridge Road and Copper Hill Place in Chesterfield.  The homes are less than two miles apart. In both cases, doors were kicked in and the culprits got away with jewelry. Read more here:

The FBI Says: "Every 12 Seconds a Home is invaded By Someone Simply Going Right Through the Door".  74% of Burglars Kick-in Doors, And It Can Take Less Than 1 Second!

Entry Door frames cannot be just reinforced to Stop a Robbery From a Door Kick-In! The Deadbolt Security Anchor uses the door structure for strength ...Easily, Permanently and Inexpensively.

any have replied with, "I Have a Burglar Alarm System, Won't That Protect Me?"

Burglar alarms don't provide any real protection. That's why they are called BURGLAR ALARM SYSTEMS and not BURGLAR PROTECTION SYSTEMS. Though we do recommend burglar alarm systems, they won’t protect you against an “After-The-Fact” home invasion. An alarm system only tells you that burglars are already inside your home or are seriously trying to get in. With home invasions on the rise across the country, police are working harder than ever but they just can't keep up.
Due to a shortage of manpower from rising costs, in many states across the country, the police are not even responding to home alarms anymore because about 98% are false alarms. Because of this, some localities even charge the homeowner $100 and upwards if they respond to a false alarm from an electronic security system on a residence. Even if the police do respond, response time is typically on average about 30 minutes. Statistics show that if something bad is going to happen (kidnapping, rape, assault, murder, and robbery) it's most likely going to happen within the first 15 minutes. Therein lies another problem.

Criminals know this all too well. Burglar alarms only tell you a crime is happening or has happened. It doesn't keep intruders out! The Deadbolt Security Anchor is always on duty. It provides super-enhanced physical strength and security CONSTANTLY each time the door is closed, turning your doors into home security doors. This one-step alone will greatly deter or prevent through-the-door forced entries so you and your family will sleep safer in the future. Worst of all, if your home is burglarized, it stands a greater chance of being burglarized again within the next 6 months. Why? Because the burglars know that now you have all new stuff

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The Deadbolt Security Anchor is door security hardware that you only pay for once - unlike an alarm system; there are no codes to keep up with, no false alarm sirens and no monthly monitoring fees to worry about.
Home invasions and residential burglaries are dramatically on the rise. You hear about them on the news all of the time. The reason is simple. It is the most lucrative, least risky activity of all for criminals. Once someone invades a home it is almost impossible to be detected by the police. According to the latest FBI statistics, only 12.4% of burglars are ever caught, charged and convicted. The latest crime statistics on home invasions, burglaries and robberies in the United States are staggering...

¤    6,088 Home Burglaries Per Day in the USA
¤    70.3% of Burglaries Involve Residential Properties
¤    73.9% of Burglaries Involved Forcible Entry
¤    38% of All Assaults Occur During a Home Invasion
¤    60% of All Rapes Occur During a Home Invasion
¤    $4.6 Billion Worth of Property is Stolen Annually

In Medieval times a castle's entrance was often guarded by a reinforced front gate that could be lowered to bridge a moat. In today's times, our need for both bridge and barrier hasn't changed much. Today, our homes' entry doors essentially serve the same purposes, providing both security and a welcoming connection to friends and family.
The Deadbolt Security Anchor is a new design of a locking system that will easily strengthen a doorway and provide increased security. This durable unit prevents attempted forced entry to most doorways. The device's visible component will deter criminals from entering premises because the construction appears strong.